We love to celebrate at Bee’s & Quotes Children’s Art Studio!

We host parties from ages 1-11!!!

Parties take place on Saturdays and Sundays. Please check the time slots available on our calendar.

Summer Birthday Party’s (June -August) are available on Sundays only.

Example time slots:

From 10:00 to 12:00

From 11:00 to 1:00

From 1:00-3:00pm

All Parties are Private Events and the Studio will remain closed for the Private Event.

Parties last 2 hours, with the last 30 minutes set aside for refreshments and opening of gifts. You will have exclusive use of the studio with a hostess  to assist artist with their masterpiece. You provide the cake, cups, utensils, and all other refreshments and we’ll take care of the rest!

Each guest to include the Birthday Child will receive a balloon and goodie bag!

For Toddler parties we can work with you to personalize the theme or we can let them be creative with a variety of art stations using process art!

For up to 12 children, the party fee is ($325). The cost for each additional artists is $30.

Please note Party Rates will change effective Sept 1.

For up to 12 Children, the Party Fee is ($325). The cost for each additional artist is $30.

For Artist 4 and under, the max party attendance is 12 artist, including any participating siblings. Parents of child must stay on site at the studio.

We can host up to 16 artists for parties for artist turning 5 to 11. Please contact us if you require more than 16.

There is a a $100 non refundable deposit for all Birthday Parties, with the remaining balance due 1 week prior to the Birthday Party! Your final invoice will be set up on our calendar for the party minus the deposit upon receipt of number of party attendees.

Need an additional time? Add an additional hour for $50.

Parties require a one week notice. Please visit the class calendar to reserve  your party or contact us for Party Time availability! Happy Creating!!!

Party Ideas or give us your own!

Dream Catchers Age 6+: Artist will be thrilled to use paint, paper, washi tape, feathers, beads and glue for their uniquely made Dream Catchers!

Create your own Recycled Robot! Robots are the rage with using recyclable materials to create their robot sculpture! Artist will use cardboard, paint, scissors, glue, bottle caps, and a hodge podge of other materials to create their robots!

Wings and Wands Creative Party! Such and adorable party! Artist will use paint, dowels, ribbon, scissors, and embellishments to make all their fairy wishes come true!

Let’s Make A Pirate Ship: Artist will become inspired over how using egg cartons, cardboard, dowels, fabric, glue, sharpies, and a host of materials will make their imagination soar!

Let’s Create our own Robots! Boxes Sharpies, cans, metal rings, nuts and bolts and more!!!

Painted Totes: Paint and embellish a custom art tote! Now your carrying your own art!

Paint Your Own Canvas (Mixed Media owls, foxes, flowers, ice cream, initials or give us your idea or abstract art

Slime Party + $30/$60 materials fee: Yes! We have slime parties! Let us clean up the creativity! There is a $30 additional fee for Slime Parties (based on size of party). $30 for up to 15. $60 for more than 15. This includes glue, glitter, foam balls, eye solution, containers, assorted items to put in slime, lotion, and paper bags for party guest amazing slime science.

Such Fun with Fairy Garden Party: with Moss, Recyclables, Paint, and Stick People. We love fairies and I hope your artist does too! We have a host of materials to make all of your artist and their friends fairy tale dreams come true!

Mixed Media Party Rush! Let your artist create their own Masterpieces! After all they are artist and know exactly what they are doing!