Angela Holsey

Collaboration Specialist

About Me

Education: Licensed Master Social Worker/ Master of Education
Experience: Over 14 years of Mixed Media Art Experience
Hobbies: Crafting, Reading, and Motivating Others
My Favorite Art Medium: Coloring with Broken Crayons

Founder of Bee's & Quotes

Hi, my name is Angela and I could tell you a million reason why I decided to open an Art Studio! The main reason is I love art and I enjoy working with children. I spent countless hours with family members and friends talking about the studio that would be known as Bees & Quotes, an Art Studio for Children. From renting a storage shed, to late night furniture moves, and long nights trying to put all the pieces together, she believed she could and she did!

Oh before I forget, what about the name? Yes the name. I chose Bee’s because they are beautiful, bubbly, and amazing. I mean who really knows why they fly? The Quotes come from life experiences of always wanting to encourage others and especially children to be themselves, and at the end of the day that is more than enough!

I love to create and create more! I believe that everyone is an artist at heart and I look forward to exploring various art mediums with little artist and big artist.  If I could sleep at the craft store, I totally would!

I hope that Bees & Quotes will be an inspiration to all who enter the doors at the studio.

I am a wife, mother, arts and crafts enthusiast, Social Worker, Educator and proud U.S. Army Veteran.