Iman Holsey

Collage Collage Enthusiast

About Me

Education: German and Anthropology Major at GSU
Experience: Several Years of Mixed Media Art
Hobbies: Reading, Painting Abstract Art, and Music
My Favorite Art Medium: Sculpting and Collaging

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone! I am Iman, artist extraordinaire!

I am currently a German Major at GSU. I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, and working with clay. Growing up, like most children, I would color on the walls. Why? Because I was being creative! My mom would do art projects with us and they are some of my best childhood memories. Later in high school I enrolled in art classes and I just loved it. From working with clay, to abstract drawing, the charcoal drawings, it was and still is my happy place.

I love to dance, sing, and do art! I believe that the arts gives us a way to express ourselves, like nothing else in this world. It tells a story of its own. It’s like there is a magical interpretation that is always up to the interpreter.

I am looking forward to an awesome Summer with the opening of Bee’s & Quotes!