Toddler Art

Why Yes, Toddler Art!

Toddler Art classes are filled with creativity, pride, intelligence, curiosity, smiles, and messy fun! What are art classes and playgroups like for ages 18 months-4 years at Bee’s? Each week, we present a new theme or mixed media project to work with, and lots of different hands-on ways to explore that theme. We incorporate sensory and play activities as well, to stimulate and inspire your little artist.

Me & Bee

In Me & Bee (recommended for ages 18 months-2.5 yrs.), we often create 2-3 different stations or projects for you and your toddler to visit. We focus on the process, the materials, and the experience over an exciting mixed media concept. 45 minute class. $72 Per Month

Art Mini Makers

Art Mini Makers is our class for ages 2.5-4 yrs. We explore a variety of mixed media such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage, and drawing. We still provide a very open ended and flexible environment for sensory and art exploration, but with a featured weekly project led by one of our amazing Bee’s instructors!  45 minute class. $72 Per Month

Bee Creative Playgroup

Give your toddler the freedom to explore, create, imagine, move, and learn all while playing at the studio at the Bee Creative                Toddler Art Playgroup (ages 2.5 to 4 yrs). The Playgroup provides endless opportunities for sensory exploration and artsy creative fun! The Playgroup is for 1 hour and offers and opportunity for your artist  to use all of their senses. $80 Per Month

***Saturday/Sunday Mornings/Afternoons: Please See Calendar for additional Me & Bee, Mini Makers and Playgroup Dates
***Me & Bee, Art Mini Makers & Playgroups require a parent or assistant participant to attend/participate in the class. 

Toddler Classes meet Monthly. Art class meet up dates will be listed at registration/on the receipt and will prorate at check out.